MyLiveAttendant’s Live Answering Services Can Help Manage Calls Better

Many medical practices have realized the significance of using a live medical phone answering service and the benefits it provides in regards to customer service and earning a huge revenue. Once your practice has expanded beyond a basic level, you can make use of a live answering service better. It cuts down the cost and hassle of hiring an in house team dedicated to answering calls. This usually consists of hiring a receptionist or two.

For an instance, if you had to hire a receptionist, you will end up paying $2640 per month basis standard 8 hours a day and $15 per hour. It is certainly expensive to do so and you cannot always trust an in house receptionist to convey the right kind of information to your prospects, colleagues and partners or promote your business. With the help of a live answering service, you can take any practice or to great heights.

A live answering service offers so many different features. Some of them are mentioned below:

Someone will always answer calls, and on time. When a live answering company has attendants whose only job is to attend callers and answer calls, the team is ever ready and always equipped to answer the call immediately. These attendants are friendly yet professional and know exactly how to interact with your callers. They also get to know your practice inside out which not only help them answer any questions appropriately but also promote your practice. All this assists in improving impressions, increasing sales, problem solving and improving customer relations.

Also, practices normally outsource the answering of calls to a live answering service which makes use of the practice name. These live answering companies also attend callers as if they are on site at the main office. The caller will never be able to tell that they have not, in fact, reached the actual office of the practice.

These companies provide the practice outsourcing their answering needs to them with a toll free number to replace their contact number. Or redirect their old numbers to the toll free numbers where an attendant can attend the call and deals with the situation. It’s a fairly seamless integration. Indeed more practices are using this service than not. Since the attendants answering calls on behalf of a particular practice also view themselves as linked to that practice, as well as end up knowing a fair amount about the  and how its internal processes work, this is a two way street and indeed, reinforces the ‘integration’ concept from both ends of the deal.

Live answering services can play an important role in growing your practice and helping you improve your patient service.

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