7 Customer Services Facts: How Your Business Can Deliver The Best Customer Experience?

No matter what the size of your business is customer service has a lot to do with your business revenue. Poor customer service can cost businesses billions of dollars. In fact, according to Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year, thanks to poor customer service.

When asked 2,000 adults in the United States about switching to a competitor due to poor customer service, it was found that 49% of adults reported switching, and 69% reported switching twice or thrice. The primary reasons included rude/unhelpful staff, customers feeling unappreciated, were put on hold for too long, were not able to get appropriate answers, were not able to talk to a customer representative on the phone and were redirected to multiple agents.

  1. Fact

Almost 59% of Americans (3 in 5 Americans) would switch to a competitor for a better service experience.

The takeaway

Always put your customers first and try everything in your power to address your customers’ problems and provide a satisfactory solution.

       2. Fact

Bad customer service news reaches more than twice as many people as praise for a good service experience.

The Takeaway

Take your time to address unsatisfied customers and do everything in your power to remedy the problem. Put all your resources and manpower to win the trust of your unhappy customer again. It’s not only worth investing time in these customers, but also avoiding any negative word of mouth exposure

         3. Fact

Only 5% of customers bother to complain about poor customer service, 95% remain silent.

The Takeaway

Customer feedback is gold! Determine a way to track these complaints and come up with an internal process to fix them. It definitely takes time to filter the feedback given by your customers, but the value added to your business is worth it!

         4. Fact

4 in 5 Americans (81%) agree that smaller companies put a greater emphasis on customer service than big organizations.

The Takeaway

Small companies can get an edge over the competition by providing great service to their customers

          5. Fact

67% of customers hang up the phone out of frustration of not being able to talk to a customer representative.

The Takeaway

Remove unnecessary barriers between you and your customers

          6. Fact

75% of Americans believe it takes too long to actually talk to a live agent.

The Takeaway

If you provide some kind of live service (phone or live chat), it’s imperative that you get customers to a live person in less than a minute. Otherwise it builds annoyance that can lead to a seriously unsatisfied customer

          7. Fact

80% of businesses say they provide “superior” customer service, however only 8% of customers think these same businesses provide “superior” customer service

The Takeaway

Determine what metrics are important to assess customer satisfaction. Don’t just believe your instincts; prove that you offer great service with data.

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